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For a complete listing of Crystal Cable's international reviews, click here.

Crystal Cable New Standard Certified 1.3B HDMI Cable
...but the Crystal HDMI, consistently showed better colour values, and more detail right down to the pixel level. It also maintained the extraordinary picture balance and naturalness of the HD still and moving images. Reviewed by Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide, March 2009

The Crystal Cable Bridge:
The Bridge is a patent-pending cable design from Crystal Cable that upgrades existing
interconnect cables without actually replacing them.
Latest review by Paul Candy, 6moons.com, January 2009

A Bridge to Better Audio:
Crystal Cable is revolutionizing the audio industry with their
new patent-pending Bridge and Dreamlink cables!
Latest review by Ernie Fisher, The Inner Ear Magazine, November 2008

Cables Galore!
A rave review for Crystal Cable's Dreamline XLR

Reviewed by Phil Gold for 'EnjoyTheMusic.com', November 2008

Listen now! An interview with Gabi van der Kley and Crystal Cable's Dreamline Series! Watch this interview now!
Crystal Cable Dreamline : présentation des nouveaux câbles par la fondatrice de la marque.
French--English interview with President and CEO Gabi van der Kley, 30 mai 2008

Power Cords Group Test: Piccolo, Standard and Ultra!
Latest review by Phil Gold, 'Canada HiFi Magazine', April/May 2008

Dream A Little: Crystal Cable Dreamline
Speaker Cables & Interconnects

Read the latest review by Ernie Fisher, 'The Inner Ear Magazine'
April 2008

Crystal Cable's unique personality and impeccable performance has been regarded highly worldwide
and awarded internationally. Read these great North American reviews by:

Absolute Sound  ::   Audio Ideas Guide  ::  Enjoy The Music  ::  Magazine Audio

Positive Feedback Online  ::   Soundstage  ::  The Inner Ear

Ultra Audio  ::   6Moons






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Pieces of the Equipment Report — Winning Wires from Crystal Cable
Neil Gader, September 2006

"...Preconceptions of physical size aside, the CrystalSpeak Micro plays big and clean. Like a sonic windshield wiper it sweeps the soundstage clear of dust and grime."  read more>>


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CrystalSpeak Micro & Crystal Connect Micro Performance Review
Andrew Marshall, April 18, 2007

"This cable is not inexpensive in any configuration but I do feel it justifies its cost in superbly detailed, dynamic and nuanced sound...deliver[ing] a level of audio resolution and dynamics that was very impressive...Both [cables] offer a very high level of audio performance in all respects, and come highly recommended."   
read more>>



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Câble Crystal Connect
par Marc Philip, Magazine Audio. Publié le 2 février 2008

Aujourd’hui nous allons parler câbles RCA et plus précisément de deux références issues du catalogue Crystal Cable Connect, les modèles Piccolo et Ultra. >>


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Crystal Cables: The Power and the Glory
Phil Gold, August 2007

[Whoever] heard of a cable that could turn heads. A sexy cable? Slim and flexible, a rare achievement in the realm of high- end wire. Crystal Cables are honest to a fault, preserving the color, dynamics, and presence of the music with vanishingly low distortion and noise. I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking the state of the art.  read more>>



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Crystal Cable Reference Cables
John Brazier, Issue 30

"The CrystalConnect Reference cables are state-of-the-art, and will meet or exceed the expectations of any discerning listener. They are certainly not inexpensive, but the results are phenomenal. Every once in a while, a component comes along that redefines what is possible, and compels one to invest, literally, in the future of one's system. That said, I will plunk down the required amount, for which I expect long-term and fruitful returns."
>>read more


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Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Dreamline Interconnects and
CrystalSpeak Dreamline Speaker Cables

Marc Mickelson, November 2008

"Dreamline, the company's top of the pops, has an inherent presence and sweetness that are seductive because they don't come at the expense of transparency and neutrality. They pass the signal naturally, allowing -- perhaps helping -- the music to inhabit the space of your listening room." >>read more

Crystal Cable CrystalPower Ultra Power Cords
Marc Mickelson, August 2007

"The distinction between 'different' and 'better' is at the heart of audiophilia and audio reviewing, and as a product category, power cords are more susceptible to it than others. Every piece of electronics comes with a power cord that does just what it's supposed to do, but replacing that cord with one built specifically for the purpose of delivering power to audio components can elevate an audio system beyond its purely stock form." >>read more

CrystalConnect Ultra Interconnects & CrystalSpeak Ultra Speaker Cables
Marc Mickelson , November 2006

How many cables can be the cornerstone of an ever-changing audio system?
The Crystal Cable Ultras can.

"The Ultras are among the most immediately correct-sounding cables I've ever heard, so acute is their balance between harmonic resolution and tonal color... The clarity through the Ultras' treble and midrange has OTL-like directness, but never the hard angularity that can be a byproduct of such precision...Their character [is] one of true neutrality, not a manufactured perception of such."
read more>>

CrystalConnect Piccolo & CrystalConnect Micro Phono Cables
Vade Forrester, September 2006

"The Micro passed a wide range of dynamics, from the quietest microdynamic to the loudest macrodynamic, and those dynamics had great agility and impact." It also passed a notably wide range of frequencies, from highest treble to lowest bass, with no noticeable peaks in the amplitude response, and no smearing of the time relationships of the frequencies...The Piccolo phono cable’s sound was cut from the same cloth, but the balance between the Piccolo’s highs and lows resulted in a brighter sound, perhaps too bright for some (but not all) systems."   
read more>>

CrystalConnect Piccolo Interconnects & CrystalSpeak Microspeaker Cables
Vade Forrester, May 2005

"These Crystal Cables far exceeded my expectations...small in size, huge in sound...[and] best of all, they don't make listening to music boring. Instead, they present music so that it lives and breathes naturally, drawing you closer to the performance."    read more>>


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Dream A Little: Crystal Cable Dreamline Speaker Cables & Interconnects
Ernie Fisher, April 2008

"Both speaker cables and interconnects — sounded impressive straight out of the box, but when properly burned in, I thought that the most conspicuous element is the cable’s ability to recreate an unobstructed multi-dimensional sound stage. That is to say that front-to-back, horizontal and vertical dimensions are appropriately presented, but in addition to these important elements, the often-ignored dimension of space/time further magnifies the sensation of listening to an integral musical landscape."
read more>>

Crystal Cable Ultra Series Speaker Cables Are Sheer Magic In The Right System
Ernie Fisher, April 20, 2007

"The Ultra cables are very neutral, allowing great imaging and bass resolution; an unrestricted, resolute midrange and equally resolute clear highs...I like the [cables'] thin and unobtrusive appearance and their flexibility...[and] their sonic achievements...Try them in your system, you will not be disappointed."
read more>>


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Crystal Cable Reference Interconnects and Speaker Cables
Mike Silverton, May 15, 2006

"You might say that any audio component is either a messenger or an interpreter. Crystal is definitely in the messenger category. Think of that god with wings on his feet... My heartiest recommendation for the Crystal Cable Reference interconnects and speaker cables. They really are something."
>>read more



Crystal Cable Ultra
Srajan Ebaen, June 2006

"As far as I can tell, what Crystal Cable has done is attack whatever remaining noise floor the Reference suffers by comparison - which seems bloody improbable when you've heard the Reference to know just how quiet it is.

The Ultra is even quieter yet, by enough of a margin to be obvious without efforts. It's thus an ultra resolution cable in the neutral class. More micro cues mean more signal and color, more believability. This cable pushes data retrieval beyond boundaries that seemed to have been set in stone a while ago by the best I'd previously encountered in this regard. It does so without tweaky construction, without practical usage restrictions or qualifications and avoids anything smacking of high-end excess."   >>read more

Crystal Cable Micro Line
Ken Micallef, May 2005

" Beauty, transparency, immediacy, energy - all these terms go a long way in describing the house sound of Crystal Cables. As I sequentially added their ICs, speaker cables and power cords to my system, the degree of resolution and
transparency rose exponentially. "   >>read more

w o r l d  v i e w s

“…this is more than excellent; this is truly high end."  /Music Home/

“…An honest and delightful cable that’s universally versatile.”   /hifi.nl/

“I don’t believe there’s a product more complete on the market."   /Music Emotion/

"Beauty, transparency, immediacy, energy— all these terms go on a long way in descriping the house sound of Crystal Cable.“   /6Moons.com/

“…Crystal Cable far exceeded my expectations…”  /Soundstage.com/

“…Inconspicuous, conspicuously good…”  /audioforum/

“…This cable is not only capable of many things but what it does it does very good…”  /Music Emotion/

“This manufacturer is qualified with credits to take a standout position in the worldwide view,
in the first row…”   /Audio & Video /










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